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Barbara Hagin named to The Imaging Alliance Board of Directors

We are extremely proud to announce that our very own Barbara Hagin has been named to the Board of Directors of The Imaging Alliance -  a newly formed group dedicated to developing and advancing today’s imaging industry. The alliance members are laser-focused on furthering innovation in visual communications. “I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors of The Imaging Alliance, giving back to an industry I love and that I have been a part of since I started my career,” Barbara said.

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3 Things Europe Doesn't Get About Startups
Europeans look at the US, particularly Silicon Valley, and wonder why the same recipe for churning out successful global companies can’t be repeated in Europe.

Given that my company has a venture capital arm, I have first-hand experience with the reasons why. And many conversations I’ve had with other European VCs and entrepreneurs have confirmed my sense that there are three primary causes for Europe’s inability to match the US’s level of success when it comes to technology startups.

Here’s a look at those three causes.

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