About Us

Upstarts and rabble-rousers.

Not the leather-wearing, motorcycle-riding kind—the kind that builds companies and changes industries. That’s us. If you’re reading this, that’s probably you too.

Breakaway was founded by three smart, savvy PR pros that wanted to do things a bit differently. They had the vision to take the best of PR—smart people, great strategy and execution, exciting businesses and products—and leave the bad—bureaucracy, fluff and BS—behind. With this, Breakaway was born.

Breakaway Communications is a full-service technology public relations and marketing communications firm with a rich history of successes and a hands-on approach that gets great results for our clients.

The Breakaway team is a smart bunch of technology geeks—we embrace today’s rapidly changing PR and media environment to benefit our clients. We offer experience…plus. We blend lessons learned with fearlessness in exploring what’s new and next.

As a result, we are a trusted resource for traditional media, but also experienced in creating social media strategies, using new social communications tools and engaging with “non traditional” outlets and approaches in our daily work.

We enable our clients to better understand the business and communications climates and help them to surpass their competitors during these challenging and changing times.