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Since I was about three years old, reading has been a passion of mine. Instead of reciting Hop on Pop out loud to anyone who will listen, I’m now scanning tech headlines – though the joy I get from the printed page remains the same.

Given my eclectic interests - from tech geek to nature freak to amateur photographer - my weekly reading pursuits vary greatly. Included below is a tiny sampling of my daily reading choices.

The New York Times  – Like one of my colleagues mentioned before me, I can’t get enough of reading The Times. Sitting down on Sunday with it is like visiting an old friend. From the savvy tech and business news to the delightful Sunday literature section, this publication has been my life blood for many years. The only change is that now aside from Sunday - when I spread each section across my kitchen table - the majority of my reading is done online. This month I’ve been dividing my focus between earnings and eco news and found Doctor, Bully, Futurist, Spy: The ‘Smart Meter’  - a particularly interesting story on smart meters and the myriad possibilities they bring to multiple industries.

Network World  and InformationWeek – With my clients being mostly enterprise-focused technology companies, these are usually my first stop of the day, involving a rather thorough read of client, competitor and intriguing industry news. Being a Palm Pre Plus user – this last month, in addition to my usual scans – I’ve been following the HP Palm purchase closely and recently read the story behind the story of HP’s purchase of Palm, Palm's buy-out drama revealed in federal filings.

National Geographic – A strange place for a tech PR gal to spend her time, but admittedly I look at all the discoveries in science and nature with the wonder of a small child.  From crazy scientific findings like Hole in Space Found by Orbiting Telescope to exciting new animal species sightings found in New Species, “Lost World,” National Geographic takes me away from the hectic world of tech launches and market adjustments and drops me into a world of discovery.

PCMag.com Reviews  – I always look here every time I want to buy a new gadget or toy as I find not just great analysis of the different products, but also great reader/user comments and opinions. I’ve finally decided to take my amateur photographer pursuits to the next level and have been searching for a new DSLR camera. These last few weeks I’ve perused every DSLR review imaginable, all starting with of my evening hours reading and re-reading about the How to Buy a D-SLR Camera.

Literature (all shapes and sizes) – No day ends without at least a half-hour spent with a solid work of fiction. While all reading is my passion, fiction is well, simply, a part of me. These past two weeks I’ve ventured into the sometimes dark, sometimes clever, sometimes out and out baffling world of Dostoyevsky, allowing him to lead me through the dramatic lives of The Brothers Karamazov. And no Kindle or e-reader for me - maybe it’s not environmentally savvy – but there’s nothing like curling up on the couch with a paperback in my hands and a cat on my lap.

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