eJamming AUDiiO
Setting the “Stage” for eJamming AUDiiO: The Making of a DEMOgod

The Challenge

Breakaway was tasked with helping build awareness for eJamming and preparing for the launch of the company’s flagship product—eJamming AUDiiO—in 2007. The very early-stage startup company offers the first online service and software for allowing musicians to collaborate online, in real time and in sync.

Our Strategy

Breakaway strongly recommended the DEMO conference for the public unveiling. After many years, DEMO continues to attract top-tier press covering cutting-edge products and services, as well as influential VCs. eJamming met with producer Chris Shipley in October, who invited the company to exhibit at the conference being held in January.

To maximize opportunities for success and coverage, Breakaway coordinated pre-DEMO briefings with a handful of industry analysts and high-visibility press who we believed would attend the conference and/or had written about previous DEMO events. Our objective was to secure one or two “exclusive” articles, as well as appear in roundup stories on DEMO being written for major national outlets.

Breakaway also carefully coached eJamming executives on its presentation. We edited the script and coordinated practice sessions—in front of the entire Breakaway team and DEMO veterans—to ensure eJamming was prepared in all ways.


Coverage started rolling out in early morning on the first day of DEMO. eJamming was one of just five companies profiled in the Wall Street Journal’s DEMO preview article, and—later that day—two stand-alone features appeared on the front pages of Wired Online and CNET. During the three-day conference, eJamming was one of a handful of companies consistently cited as the “hottest” at the event, with the early awareness fueling interest in the company and product. On the last day of the conference, eJamming was named as one the 10 “DEMOGods.” Key results from our efforts included:

  • Pre-briefings with Wall Street Journal; BusinessWeek; CNET; WIRED; GigaOM; plus online music analysts at Jupiter and IDC.
  • At- or post-event briefings with 30 other top-tier media and bloggers.
  • 42+ pieces of “unique,” positive coverage in print, online and broadcast outlets including Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CBS News Radio, CBS News Online, Wired, Financial Times, Fortune, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Network World.
  • Valleywag named eJamming “hottest” startup at DEMO, based on general buzz and consensus among bloggers writing about DEMO.

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